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Nature's Corner Bakery & Café
Owner, Rachel Haymes

302 Canboro Rd. Unit 1A
Ridgeville, ON
Tel: 905-892-0059

Mon. - Fri. 7:30 am - 5:00pm
Sat. 9 am - 5pm
Sun. 11am - 4pm  




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Nature's Corner Bakery & Cafe - A small business with a Big Cause

A small, quaint bakery - cafe nestled in the Village of Ridgeville, Nature's Corner is a place to come that is relaxing, comfortable and warm. A place where people come to connect with old friends over a cup of coffee or a light, healthy lunch. All their baking is made from natural, organic (when possible) and wholegrain ingredients; giving a delicious, and still decadent sweet taste.

Nature’s Corner began with many passions & experience of former owner- Carol Lloyd; with her many business’s along the way; from cooking – baking, design, herbal medicine and a holistic lifestyle; Nature’s Corner has always been about Simple, Healthy, Local Food.

The unique gift shop has grown for the environmentally conscious shopper, with many healthy and eco friendly gifts.

Keeping with her passion of Fair Trade and after studying coffee to gain an appreciation for the labour involved with one of the top highest traded commodities in the world, she sourced out the best organic Fair Trade Coffee she could find. She found and supports a roasting company in Toronto that is truly as eco-friendly as possible.

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